Health Checkup Questions At The Clinic Or Hospital

When you go for a health check, you doctor will ask these questions. These questions are common for people who check their health regularly. But if you have not done so, here are the questions that they will ask you. This way, you can be more prepared to answer and have higher chances of answering it accurately too.

General health

  • What about your weight loss or gain?
  • Do you feel good all the time?
  • Can you perform most daily activities without problems?


  • Do you have rashes, itchiness, dryness or redness?
  • Do you have changes in your hair or nails?


  • Do you have clear vision?
  • Is there any blurriness in your vision?
  • Are there any pains in your eyes?


  • Do you feel dizzy and can’t hear at the same time?
  • Is there any occasional ringing in your ears?


  • Do you have bleeding gums, tooth pain, sore throat or hoarseness?


  • Does your neck feel stiff?
  • Are there any lumps on your neck?

Cardiovascular system

  • Are there any chest pains, difficulty in breathing?
  • Do you experience irregular heartbeats or shortness of breath?


  • Do you cough excessively?
  • Is there blood in your cough?


  • How well can you swallow things?
  • Has your bowel movement pattern changed?
  • Do you vomit blood?


  • How frequent do you urinate?
  • Do you experience any sexual dysfunction?
  • Are your menses regular?


  • Do you have any pains in the joints?
  • Do you have muscle cramps or weaknesses?
  • What about your range of motion?


  • Do you experience seizures, numbness, tingling or paralysis?
  • Do you have memory loss problems, coordination problems, anxiety or depression?

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