Get the Facts on Costs and Cosmetic Dental Surgery Procedures

You may not like the way your front teeth come together, or the stains and yellowing that have occurred.  Or maybe you have a real need for this kind of dental work, like a missing tooth, or an uninteresting gap between your front teeth like David Letterman.  Here are some quick answers to questions you might have on the procedures.

Insurance generally will pay about 50% of the cost of your dental work.  Of course, that varies by carrier and the amount of insurance you have, but you can look for most coverages to be in the 50% level.

Costs can go pretty much from $20 for a simple tooth whitening kit you can get over the counter to $650 for an in-office dental visit for tooth whitening.  The amount you pay is directly related to the quality of the care.  Most dentist recommend you use a professional take home whitening kit you can get from their office.  You will spent between $100 and $400 for this custom made kit.  The trays in the kit allow you to brighten your teeth with a dentists care and guidance.

Bridges are not just for roads, but also work in your mouth.  There are several types of these devices, which are used to replace a missing tooth no matter what caused the tooth to be missing.   A cantilever bridge is used toward the back of the mouth to replace a missing molar when there is no other tooth on the other side of the open space on which to attach.  A 3 unit or 5 unit bridge is more common.  These will run from $1000 to $3000 per unit.  There is significant time involved in getting a bridge installed, but the length of wear is from 15 to 20 years or longer.

Porcelain veneers are another way to shore up gaps in the mouth, like a famous late night comedian’s space between his front teeth.  These veneers can also be used to help repair cracked,broken, or damaged and crooked teeth to a limited extent.  Expect to pay from $900 on up per tooth.

The most major cosmetic dentistry procedure is the dental implant.  In this work, the surgeon implants a titanium post into your jaw where the tooth will eventually go.  Sedation dentistry is used in this procedure and you are likely to be completely out during the work.  When finished, the tooth is screwed onto the post, and you are set to go.  Dental implant costs can run as high as $5,000 per tooth.  Normally, this work will not be done on front teeth–the ones you see in the front of your face.  The gum in that area is rather narrow for implanted products.

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